• gregorybehrendt

How to start a meditation practice.

Start meditating. Close your eyes take four deep breaths. There you are done. You meditated. Do it again tomorrow. This time try and focus on a spot just behind your eyes when you do it. Try and separate from your thoughts. Remember if you know you think you can separate from it. Relax and let your mind go. Do this as many days as you can this week, go from 4 breaths to 10 breaths. You eventually will get curious about meditation and my want to seek out one of the many great meditation apps like Calm, Insight, or Headspace. I like a nice guided meditation becuase I'm often too impatient to sit in total silence. You may also want to take a class or research the many types of meditation on line like Vipassana, Zen or, Transcendental Meditation. Meditation forces me to stop each day and honor myself by shutting of the constant thinking that often overtakes my every day. It's one of the many things I choose to feed myself with that daily uplift me and define who I am. Plus you can sit on a pillow if you want. Who doesn't want to sit on a pillow ?


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